Impact of international, open standards on circularity in Europe

Leveraging the power of data to support circular supply chains

After the EU legislation has been released on the digital product passport, and the new textile and construction strategies, Deloitte has published a report on the “The impact of open, international standards on circularity in Europe”.

This very-timely report highlights the different scenarios that we may face in the next years in Europe and evaluates the cost/benefits implications for companies.

GS1 in Europe commissioned it in order to stimulate the debate around the added value of international standards on the EU market.


To read the executive summary and to have access to the full, report click here.

The above was first published on GS1 in Europe.

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Fuente: GS1

Autor: Jaco Voorspuij 

Fecha Publicación: 28 ABR 2022